Sunday, 18 January 2009

PTU Fairytale Princess Mega Kit

For all you Little or Big Princesses out there Heres my Latest Kit for you all, Its based on FairyTale Princesses, and has got all a Little Girl Dreams of, hope you love this kit as much as I did making it, Theres alot more in this Kit than is Previewed in Total there is 12 Cliparts, 20 Papers and 80 Elements, It is Taggers Sized and is a Personal Use & S4H Friendly Kit, It Includes a lot of Items that has been Hand Made by me and can not be found in other Kits and is Priced at £2.25 gbp

Included in this kit are :~

20 Papers, 2 Princesses (One in Pink and One in Pink & Purple), 2 Little Girls (One in Pink and One in Pink & Purple), Adorable Little Dragon, 2 Frog Princes (One with Crown & One Without), A Fairytale Castle (Big Size and Small Included), Cinderella's Coach, Little Mouse, Magic Wand (in 2 Different Colours), Fans (in 2 Different Colours), Cinderella's Coach Drawn by 3 Little Mice, FairyTale Book (Big Size and Small Sized Included), Magic Scroll, Glass Slipper, 3 Different Frames, 2 Crowns (One Plain & One Decorated), 2 Tiaras (One Plain & One Decorated), Mat (In 2 Different Colours), Cardboard Hearts (In 2 Different Colours), Fairy Dust (In 2 Different Colours), 2 Different Doodles, Bowed Double Ribbon (In 3 Different Colours), Pleated Ribbon (In 2 Different Colours), Satin Ribbon (In 3 Different Colours), Satin Bow Ribbon (in 3 Different Colours), Pearl String, 2 Different Bead Strings, Pink & Purple Butterfly, Sparkly Butterfly, Double Chrome Stars, Silver Brushed Metal Effect Star, 2 Ribbon and Star Charms, Organza Fairy Wings in 2 Different Colours, A Diamond, Organza Bows (5 Different Colours, 2 Dark & 3 Light Ones), 4 Badges in Different Colours & Sayings, 2 Different Wordarts, Bead Dangly Element (comes in 2 Different Colour Combinations), Fairytale Rose (Comes In Pink & Purple), 3 Cardboard Tags in Different Colours, 3 Different Buttons (Each one comes in 2 Different Colour Combinations), Bow & Heart Charm In 2 Different Colour Combinations, Gem Heart in 2 Different Colours, Glass gems in 2 Different Colours, Paper Flowers (Comes in 3 Different Colour Combinations)

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