Tuesday, 6 January 2009

PTU Sugar & Spice Kit

Heres my latest kit for you all, If you are a little bit Spicy and a little bit Sweet, you will love Sugar & Spice, Each Element comes in a variety of colours and is a Personal Use Tagger Sized Kit, There is alot more in this Kit than is previewed. Hope you enjoy this kit as much as I did making it. Included in Sugar & Spice is ~ 2 Candy Houses (One normal and One with extra candy), 2 Gingerbread Characters (Each one comes in 5 Different Coloured Outfits, so 10 in Total), 14 Different Papers in a Variety of Colours, Patterns and Textures, 6 Different Frames, A Swirl Butterfly (6 Different Colours included), Curly Folded Ribbon (8 Different Colours Included), 1 Light and 1 Dark Bow (4 Different Colours of both so 8 in Total), A Felt Stitched Button (4 Different Colours Included), 1 Hard Candy (4 Different Colours Included), 1 Doodle (2 Included in Different papers), 1 Felt Heart (4 Different Colours Included), 4 Beaded Chrome Words (Candy, Sweet, Sugar, Spice), 4 Paper Butterflies in Assorted Colours, Textures & Patterns, 4 Candy Love Hearts in Different Colours & Sayings, 2 Chrome Beaded Swirl Embellishments, 7 Ribbons in a Variety of Different Colours, A Writing Block (4 Different Colours Included), 4 Candy Hearts in different Colours & Sayings, A Circle Ended Bulldog Clip (4 Colours Included), A Heart Ended Bulldog Clip (4 Colours Included), A Lollypop ( 4 Different Colours Included), Sugar & Spice Doodle Heart Wording, Gift Tag (4 Colours Included), 2 Different Wordarts, A Liqurice Allsort (4 Different Colours Included), A Jelly Liqurice Allsort (4 Different Colours Included), 4 Frayed Paper Hearts in Different Colours, Patterns & Textures, 10 Candy Flowers in a Mixture of Colours, 5 Badges all in differnt colours and Sayings.

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