Thursday, 23 July 2009

AS Rainy Dayz Clipart CU/PU/S4H

Don't you just love them Rainy Days?
Splish Splashing around in the Puddles, and watching the Beautiful Rainbow Emerge at the end?
Well now you can be all set to have fun, with this Rainy Dayz Clipart Set.
This Pack is for Commercial Use, Personal Use and is S4H Friendly.
These are all pngs so is suitable for ps or psp, this pack is a full size pack and all pieces are at 300 dpi for better quality, and they also resize to a high quality, if you wish to use them for a tagger kit.
Included in this Set is ~ Rainclouds (1368x836), Rainbow (2500x1385), Wellington Boot (1400x1000), Rain Hat (11452x640), Open Umbrella (1600x1600), Rain Drop (949x652), Closed Umbrella (1600x770)
t.o.u for this set is ~ can be added to Kits ect but not as is must be altered in some way i.e texture, sticker ect, can be used in Blog Layouts etc..., but must not be sold as a pack in itself.

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