Thursday, 23 July 2009

Vintage Elegance Kit (Tagger Sized) PU/S4H

How about a touch of Vintage Elegance for your tagging or online scrapping needs?
This kit is Personal Use and is Scrap for Hire Friendly,
Every piece in this classic creation is png format and is at 300 pixel resolution for higher quality pieces and resizing, plus all pieces are slightly larger than the average tagger sized so can be resized to your needs with a higher quality finish.
I promise you, you will not be disappointed with this kit, it is jam packed with beautiful pieces all in Beautiful Vintage Colours,
There is a lot more in this kit than is Previewed, so you have loads to chose from when creating.
Included in Vintage Elegance is ~
12 Papers ~ all in Different Various Patterns and Textures, so each paper could be colourised to your liking and you could have 100's of options.
106 Elements ~ With 72 Completly Different Elements and some Elements, that include multi-colours in them, have got multiple Colour Variations to save you colourising them and thus ending up with a better finish.
Elements Included are ~ Frames, Wordarts, Doodles, Corset, Fob Watch, Fan, Picture Charm, Parasol, Rose, Hat Box, Lock and Key, Old Paper, Book, Postcard, Letter, Notebook, Ink Well, Quill, Champagne, Candle, Gloves, Handkerchief, Swath, Wreath, Name Plate, Flowers, Ivy, Diamond Trail, Pearls, Buttons, Staple, Broch, Gem Element, Brads, Embelisments, Mat, Ribbons, Tags, Safety Pin, Twine Hanger, Butterflies, Bows, Tied Ribbons, Keys, Folded Ribbons, Butterfly Pins, Dangle Elements, Bead Strings, Ribbon Pins, Flower Clips, Charms, Lace.

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Riona M. said...

Hello Ann,

I just stumbled upon your website. May I congratulate you with your beautiful scrap kits!

I'm not a tutorial writer, but I do make my own creations. I hope it's possible to download this beautiful scrap kit. I'm a sucker for vintage scraps!

Thanks in advance!